Thursday, December 11, 2014

Balance Between Order and Freedom

The american society is one that has been built for over two hundred years. The people of the United States of America have continuously altered our government to provide a balance of order and freedom. Arthur Miller argues that, "the balance has yet to be struck between order and freedom."In a perfect society, order and freedom have a perfect equilibrium, but a utopian society is not possible. However, the United States of America has reached a society where their is a balance between order and freedom.
Order and freedom are balanced in modern day America to the point of a very stable society. Our government has been created to keep order and a strong freedom to the people.

The people of the United States have many personal rights. In the bill of rights it states our freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to property, right to remain silent, and more. We have been given many freedoms that may be absent in other societies. These freedoms still come with and order. The government upholds the laws to its citizens and to the best of its ability attempts to enforce these laws equally to the masses. The design of our three branches of government has allowed our people to live without oppression of a single ruler, while still remaining strong and stable.

Some may argue that the government must sacrifice some of our basic rights to achieve stability, however the majority of our freedoms are quite intact. We may have had our privacy violated at certain times by the government, with programs like prism, but occasionally freedoms may be sacrificed for stability. The balance remains, however, because stability and order can be sacrificed for freedoms. The right to freedom of speech allows us to express ourselves to the public, which may cause acts of instability but it is necessary for the upholding of our liberty. Freedom and order will never reach perfect equilibrium, however I disagree with Arthur Miller and believe that there is a balance between order and freedom in our society today.


  1. I agree with your analysis of the extent of freedom that people in America enjoy today. feel like many people are so accustomed to this wide range of freedoms, that people take it for granted.

  2. Although I do think that Americans are granted with many freedoms not present in other societies, I also think that, especially as teenagers, we are subjected to a substantial amount of order. For example, there is very little room for freedom in school. We are unable to enjoy quite a few freedoms in school, such as the ability to move freely all of the time as well as the opportunity to talk to whomever we want, anytime we want, that we are elsewhere