Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Crucial Balance

The balance between order and freedom is crucial in the day to day life of a society. If there is a unbalance between order and freedom then there will be nothing but unrest and turmoil. If there is too much order then there will be an uprising against all the rules. If there is too much freedom then society will crumble due to the unorganized system.

In a society there can not be too much order or there will be unrest due to the amount of rules afflicted on the people. It will cause anarchy and fuel a rebellion with the people. There needs to be freedom so that people feel as if they are being heard and know that their opinion and input is effecting the ways things are. If the balance is found then there will be only prosperity in the society.

If there is too much freedom in day to day living eventually the outcome will turn out to be nothing but mayhem. When given absolute freedom people will take advantage of it and begin to wreak havoc. Disputes will be formed between different standpoints and anarchy will start. In Arthur Millers The Crucible there was a serious unbalance between Order and freedom. There was too much order, there is too many restrictions based off of religion. It was evident that effects peoples lives in a negative way, one example is that the girls were to afraid to say that they were dancing that they came up with a ridiculous lie. The lie ended up effecting every one in the town. It ended up resulting in the deaths of many towns people. If there was a balance between order and freedom and the children would not have feared telling the people what they were doing in the forest and by them telling it would have prevented the deaths of many. The importance of the balance between order and freedom is crucial to the survival of a sound society.

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  1. I completely agree with your argument. Our society must have a balance between order and freedom or else we could not flourish.