Thursday, December 11, 2014

Order and Freedom in Society

In America, we have this common belief that we are a country were our rights give us all the freedoms we want to live a productive peaceful lifestyle. There are some who believe that we are not free with order to guide us in our daily lives. Order is a factor of community and society that will always have a presence one way or another.

In this un-structured world that some people like to envision, I believe that order would still exist. If their are no set guidelines for the society to follow then people will experience several things. If one does not live their life by their own order, meaning they have their own principles and guidelines that governs their world, then their are those who would attempt to assume control anyway. I believe that it is in the nature of some people to naturally want to live a structured life style with order, therefore among the ones who are more assertive, their will be those who attempt to assume control.

Order is something that one may live by based on their own values, or it can be enforced by and outside power, wither way I believe it is and ever present force. Even in a free world their will be factors that control to actions and lifestyle of a person.

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