Thursday, December 11, 2014

Freedom vs. Order: Is There A Winner?

Arthur Miller brilliantly wrote that "It is impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions, and the balance has yet to be struck between order and freedom." This quote manifests itself in the deep plot of the crucible. The town's need and desire for order really shapes the whole narrative of the play. They frown upon the supposed witchcraft, which they view as a large threat to the town's order. The townspeople are afraid that if witchcraft is indeed present, it will disrupt the previous order. This is why they try to stifle the freedom of the girls.

The Crucible has been popularly known as an allegory for the Cold War. This event in history also demonstrates the everlasting battle between order and freedom. Due to foreign threats, Americans got very paranoid and conscious about the world around them. In order to protect their sense of order, freedom was often restricted in the name of safety. People were often unfairly persecuted and accused of acts that they did not commit, which is very similar to the plot of The Crucible.

The question often brought up by this battle is which side is right, order or freedom? I think that there is no answer, and in fact, each side is impossible. There is no such thing as complete freedom. There is always some semblance of order to restrict total freedom and anarchy. The same is true of the other side. There is always freedom found, even in the most oppressive situations. The order versus freedom battle is a complicated battle, and there is no clear winner nor solution.


  1. I think that this was the perfect way to express your argument. Your blog was very well organized and transitioned well.

  2. I liked the way that you connected his quote to The Crucible. I agree with your analysis, as it impossible to have a society with complete freedom or order.