Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ferguson Guilt

If you don't know about the situation in Ferguson by now, look it up. Many protests and riots have risen because of a shooting where a cop killed a young black man named John Brown. Its been a continuing problem that cops use their power of the law to abuse or kill people that they have a problem with. The protest and riots have risen because of this, although I will not be talking about the reputation of the cop that did it or the victim. A equal or greater problem is also exposed from these selfish cops using their power of the law, it will lose trust of the cops that sacrifice their life for everyone to live a safe life. This situation of the police losing trust is apart of logical fallacies, which in this case is know as "Guilt By Association".

Logical fallacies is a different way of saying a excuse or mistake in reasoning. As I was watching CNN the night of the hearing, riots started, men and women throwing objects at the police and yelling "F*** the Police!" I couldn't help myself but to feel bad for the cops. Those cops were not apart of this shooting at all, the man who killed John Brown represented the police department for the past weeks. Its not fair for the honest hard working police officer to be objectified as cops who take advantage of the system to abuse people. The police do not have the quality of this man who killed John Brown and they do not deserve it. If we can over look this logical fallacy, not only will it help the officers that are hardworking feel better but it will also make it safer for the society, trusting the people that protect them.

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  1. I think your point about the logical fallacy in argument surrounding Ferguson is very insightful. It is important that we do not just jump to conclusions and blame the police entirely for a situation that had a plethora of causes.