Thursday, December 11, 2014

Order vs Freedom

In Arthur Miller's statement that there needs to be a balance between order and freedom, he was correct in the sense that too much of one will only hurt society. While in the crucible there was way too much order and a lack of freedom, there are times where the opposite is in effect. Too much freedom can be just as dangerous and cause some harm to society.

For example, in the controversy of gun control, many citizens argue for the second amendment which allows the right to bear arms. While guns should be regulated, people argue that it is their right under the constitution to own any and all weapons. This freedom, without regulation, can lead to many problems and abuse of weapons, specifically in violent areas. In certain areas of Chicago, gun violence has taken a major toll on its inhabitants. There were 415 deaths in the year 2013 resulting from gun violence and in some years even more. While this freedom that our country gave hundreds of years ago is still provided, we need to modify it to modern day circumstances where weapons are an actual problem.

Overall, a good balance between order and freedom provides the people with a society that has less corruption from too much government control, and still keeps a fair amount of freedom.

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