Monday, December 1, 2014

Appeal to Authority in Pizza Hut Commercial

In a recent Pizza Hut commercial, the creators are blatantly using the logical fallacy of appeal to authority. Blake Shelton, a celebrated, famous country artist, starts out by telling the audience that they won’t believe the incredibly low prices of the pizza they are selling. After the usual commercial voice tells the listener exactly how much they would be getting and for what price, Shelton comes back on the screen and says, “but you can believe it because I’m telling you it’s true, and I’m a celebrity.” Blake Shelton is widely known and thought by the public to be a genuine guy so people are supposed to think that if he is endorsing Pizza Hut then they must be worthy of the public’s business. Pizza Hut is using appeal to authority in an unusually honest way by so obviously pointing out why everyone should buy their product and the exact angle they are using to sell it.

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  1. I think it's very interesting that the writers of this add did not attempt to conceal their logical fallacy, but rather emphasized it. I think that shows how logical fallacies can often be used intentionally and effectively.