Friday, December 12, 2014

Order v. Freedom

Arthur Miller believed that our society, America, was lacking a balance between order and freedom. Today we have become a much more dynamic society: supporting gay marriage, one town making standing up for an injustice to race, and calling attention to any biases, racism or sexism. Each generation we become more and more self aware in the community and as individuals. Freedom and order are not balanced today and Arthur Miller's words “It is still impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions,” and there are repressions that the repressed haven’t yet recognized there are endless amounts of social inequalities. Some may say why to we strive for an unreachable goal, but that is what makes such an ultimate goal.

A utopian society is something that should always be chased after holding America to that standard has pushed us and allowed us to be a great nation. There is only one way our society can reach a perfect balance between order and freedom and that is if everybody used their freedom to follow order. However, our species is of the greatest variety and that is why this Utopia is unreachable everybody must have the same thoughts the same opinions and the same rationale which will never be so.


  1. This is a very compelling argument. I agree we must strive for a balance between order and freedom, although it may be an unreachable goal.

  2. Really interesting argument, I never have thought about chasing after a utopia but gives me some perspective. Good job