Friday, December 12, 2014

Order and Freedom

America has not yet reached the equilibrium between order and freedom despite our complex government, it can not completely control the society-- which it should not, and should not have to. Recently there have been events such 9/11 and other acts of terrorism that violated our sense of security and order. Which resulted in more surveillance, and a decrease in freedom and increase in "order" or false sense of it. As a collected society we crave order but also freedom and a wide scope of civil rights. Which many of us do have but many people don't have the same opportunity for freedoms and their life is overruled by powers of order based on factors sometimes out of their control. 
Techniques like mass incarceration to keep social order are utilized but imprisoning so many people for drugs cannot maintain a healthy order in our world. It gives people and government a false sense of order but mass incarceration is not a long term solution to the problem of crime.
The Crucible describes a town that is overcome with the delusion of order while the opposing outlier(s) are prosecuted and suffer in a plight going against main powers of "control." This template scenario has been played out throughout history. The overwhelming delusion of order distracts from critical thinking in the masses that that same order may not be fit or just.

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