Friday, December 12, 2014

Order vs Freedom

Man’s greatest accomplishment is the creation of democratic theory, a premise that allows those being governed the power and voice to administer themselves. This idea is known in America as government by the people, for the people. The creation of this theory rose from the constant struggle peoples faced between individual freedoms and communal order. Democracy gave man a tool to try and achieve that potentially non-existent balance between lawless anarchy and oppressive tyranny. But even america, known as the beacon of democracy, finds this to be easier said then done. The United States is often regarded as the worlds most effectively functioning democracy. America holds this title because by law all the citizens get a voice in electing officials that create the governing laws. But even with such comprehensive representation in the governing body, the question remains has the elusive balance between order and freedom been struck, but furthermore can that balance really ever be attained.

For me, the simple answer is no. To create and maintain such an institution where all peoples freedoms are protected yet community order is still present is nothing short of perfection. For that to be achieved humankind needs a drastic change in what they value. In a system like ours where everything is based on pure competition, for anybody to progress socially or economically it most usually has to be at the expense of someone else. In a world like this peoples freedoms are bound to be trampled on, regardless of how protective the law is. I believe that in order to achieve true freedom under the law we have to step back and realize that in the system we have now success is mostly at the expense of the less fortunate and that for a true just society this cannot be. That being said, most will agree with me that this realization is easier said then done.

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