Friday, December 12, 2014

Order vs.Freedom

American society has yet to meet the perfect balance between order and freedom. Right now order has control of America, but it is slowly getting better. Still there are people that can not see how America is being controlled by order. These are the people that don’t feel the effects of order directly. They believe that American society must be based on freedom. This is because America was built on the idea on the idea of freedom. They believe is America is not free than what is. These people can not see how everything is controlled by some form of government. The media, stores, and the thing we eat all some how have interactions with the government.

One of the biggest examples of this recently is the strikes in Ferguson. The strikes are being controlled by the police and military and the media covering the strikes is being limited by the government. They show us only limited videos of the strikes of the police only slightly hurting the citizens but show some of the worst images of citizens going up against the police and the stores. Another example that is not in as extreme riots as Ferguson is the Eric Garner strikes. People are not going around burning down stores and the police are not being called in with riot shields, but what has happened is someone got away with murder. The reason for this is because he is a cop and knows the right people. If he was to strangle this man and not be a cop he would be in jail right now, but the government controls the courts and the courts control the freedom of people. Right now that cop is enjoying freedom thanks to his job of keeping order.

In the end it will take a while for the balance between order and freedom to become perfectly balanced. Until then order will rule America with an iron fist. Where if you know the right people than you are free to do what ever you want, but if you are just a common citizen order controls your life.

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