Friday, October 24, 2014

The Throw Shame Story

In seventh grade I was apart of the Oak Park baseball league. Later this would turn out to be to be my last season playing baseball. Towards the end of the season, I was chosen as the best pitcher in the league. I was so excited when I won this award! I was even more excited when I was chosen to throw the opening pitch for the OPRFHS championship game. Before the game I got to sit in the dugout with the team and watch them warm up. I sat there on the hard plastic bench thinking about how crazy it was that I get to throw the opening pitch for the Huskies.The game was bound to begin soon, so I walked out to the mound. The national anthem started and I stood in the middle of the stadium which seemed to have lasted forever. The songs ends and I wind up. I threw the ball as fast as I've ever done before. When my eyes opened the sound and sight of the stadium which seemed enormous at the time came flooding in. The ball was way off the mark, and I was left embarrassed. I was extremely disappointing in the pitch I threw that day and I feel like I left myself down. Looking back on this day it wasn't as bad as I though back in middle school, but I still think that it was not a good test of my skill.

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