Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hello. If you're reading this, that means you're interested in the art of procrastination.  You're totally swamped, and are starting to feel like you should probably get some of that work done. Yes! And that's OK! Because no matter how much work piles up in front of you, you always have the option to turn around and ignore it. And here's how...

Tip 1:The internet. This is an absolute "no-brainer". The beautiful world wide web and all it's wonders should never be forgotten. It contains  millions of gigabytes of content, and 99% of it has to be more interesting that what you're supposed to be doing. Youtube alone has enough videos to last a thousand lifetimes. You better get started.

Tip 2: Friends. Do you what the only thing better than procrastinating is? Procrastinating with a friend! Sharing is caring after all. So whether you're outside in the fresh air or staring at a screen, time seems to fly when you're spending your time with your best friend.

Tip 3: Chores. Have you ever noticed how you're house hold duties seem a lot more interesting when you have work to do? It's no coincidence. Everything becomes infinitely more interesting when you're procrastinating.

Tip 4: Read this blog post. Did you know that while you are reading this, you are in fact at the same time procrastinating?  You're welcome.

I've taught you everything I know. Now get out there and start ignoring your responsibilities. I believe in you.


  1. This post was pretty funny. You were actually right about me procrastinating right now. Just instead of playing on my phone (avoiding my other homework) I was on here. I thought that this was pretty well written and I liked that you made it funny which kept me entertained.

  2. This post is very entertaining. Oddly enough, I used to be able to go through a day of school without procrastinating on some kind of assignment, but now I cannot do it at all. I always find myself waiting until the last minute to finish projects and study for tests. Its good to know that many people have the same problem.

  3. This is both very funny and interesting. This definitely caught my procrastinating eye did not disappoint.

  4. Oh gosh. This was funny, I think if there's a Pro Procrastinators club I'd definitely be in it with you. At the beginning of the year I was fine, but lately I just can't focus! This is very easy for me to relate to haha