Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Reflecting on my life there are many moments that I wish I could do-over. From small faux pas to major social blunders like from raising my hand to divulge a foolish response during class to spewing the majority of my lunch during first grade story time, I’m sure most of us would opt for a redo in some of these situations. The most embarrassing of our social blunders are definitely those that we wish to redo the most, which is what I am about to share.

It was an ordinary day in our first grade classroom. Our teacher, Ms. C, had brought in a special treat that day: fresh from the store frosted sugar cookies. I always had a sweet tooth, most likely inherited from my father, and today was the day that its hunger would be satiated. In retrospect, I wasn’t the smartest little boy for eating seven cookies right after a filling lunch, but I was young and craving some delicious treats. Unfortunately, as soon as those indulgences went down they came back up and over a few of my peers. I was mortified, ashamed, and still a bit green at the gills. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and was shortly dismissed from school by the nurse (who was quite familiar with me on account of my frequent ailments as a small child).

Looking back, I think that I should have learned a valuable lesson from that day years ago, but in reality no major breakthrough came from it. In fact, all I learned I was a rather foolish kid in first grade and that currently I tend to make more responsible choices.


  1. Nick, it looks like learned as long as you recognize that is a lesson to be learned.

  2. that's pretty funny, I had a hard time trying to think of a good experience. yours is very well written as well.

  3. Great story really enjoyed it. Also really descriptive, great adjectives to create such a vivid image. Well done