Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Christmas Season Should Not Start So Early

I was in Walgreen's today shopping for candy to hand out on Halloween when I saw that the workers were already putting out Christmas decorations. When I saw this, I had to take a step back and really look at what was going on. It's October 30th and Walgreen's is already preparing for Christmas. I am all for getting in the Christmas spirit-- in December. It is way too early to be putting out decorations. I love Christmas, but I hate how it is a 45 day holiday. All of the same Christmas songs that are so overplayed that by the time it is actually Christmas, you can't listen to them anymore. Then come the covers of the "traditional" Christmas songs done by almost every pop artist. I guarantee that by the time Christmas comes around, someones Christmas themed song will be number one on itunes.

In addition, not everyone celebrates Christmas. We should be mindful that not everyone in our little world celebrates this holiday. Also, just like some other holidays and traditions, Christmas has become too commercialized.  Its all about the ads, the selling of an experience, and of course the presents.  I think that the only reason that the Christmas season starts so early is because of commercialism.  Some people may feel lonely if they do not have any family or depressed as some do not have enough money to buy all of the things that Christmas requires. Also, this holiday brings around financial pressure that can lead to crime. All I'm saying is it would be great if we could keep this holiday in a one month time span.


  1. I definitely agree. Not only does it promote certain religions and put down others, I feel as if it takes away the intended purpose and makes it more about generating income.

  2. I definitely see your point. I love Christmas, but the fact is, it's become a hallmark holiday and I think we'd all enjoy it more if it was kept to just December. I also agree with the fact that it can be a hard time for some because of the religious connotations and financial expectations.

  3. I get what your saying but I think its more of a marketing stredgy for the christmas comapnies. Like they get threre prouducts out early fot the people because they are cheaper. When christmas time gets close, those same products are more exspesive.