Friday, October 24, 2014

More than Shame, Memory

       Over the summer I took a trip to Denver, Colorado for a softball showcase tournament. At this tournament there were 200+ colleges coaches in attendance to watch 150 teams play softball. On the first day that we had games we were playing on really crappy fields that were kind of in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to the main stage to attract college coaches. I was warming up and my coach told me that I was going to start the game so I was excited that I could compete in front of a handful of Division 1 softball coaches. I performed pretty well, not the best that I have ever done, but well enough to keep some coaches around. I only pitched two innings because some other girls needed to get in to display their own talents. During the 4th inning my dad looks over at me and says lets go pitch some more by the side of the dugout. I knew exactly what he was doing and I was not a fan of it. he knew that some coaches were around our dugout especially the assistant coach of the University of Illinois. I knew he wanted me to pitch just because he wanted her to be impressed with me and give a good report back to the head coach. I really felt like it was a terrible idea. Nothing good could come out of it especially because she wasn’t watching me. after I had thrown about 4 pitches my dad wanted me to throw a riseball. A riseball is a pitch that is supposed to go straight until it reaches the plate and then jump 5-7” in the air. Any pitcher knows it takes years to perfect it and it’s almost never perfect. I threw it anyways and watched it sail over the 6’ back stop backing my dad up and right into the Illinois coach’s neck. I was mortified. I hit her really hard and she fell back in shock. I was so angry at my dad who was like WTF did you do that for?! When really it was pretty much his fault (to this day he still hasn’t recognized he made that mistake). I was mortified.. She was ok, just shaken up.

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