Saturday, October 25, 2014

Meta Story.

     He was sitting on the couch for what had now been over 33 minutes. It was about 12:51 and the party was just getting started. Man was he tired. The constant hum of people conversing mixed with the sound of old school rap music and ping pong balls bouncing soothed his muscles.
“How did you even end up there again?” Boy #2 asked.
“I walked there.” Boy #1 replied.
     He knew he was going to feel miserable in the morning, but he didn't care. He wanted to have fun. He wasn't going to let the week ruin its end. Nothing tasted good. Not the food, not the drinks, but that didn't stop him from eating and drinking. He was content on the couch. He sat in a haze quietly observing the loud patrons of the party.
“How interesting it is!” Boy #1 wondered.
“I guess” Boy #2 replied.
      He was starting to feel lightheaded and he thought it best to move around. He mustered up the strength to peel off of the deep couch and head upstairs. It was the same story. He started to wonder if these people could see him.
“Well, of course they could.” Boy #2 argued.
“I’m not so sure”
      He was now stumbling about. The people had gone to sleep now. He Found what he needed and quietly exited the area. He walked back in the cold of darkness. It was exhilarating.
“It was exhilarating” said Boy #1.

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