Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shame Story

I have a lakehouse in New Buffalo, Michigan. Sometimes when my family and I go there, I like to take western horse back riding lessons. I've been going to the same stable for at least 4 or 5 years. 2 weeks ago Shannon, (the woman who runs the barn) announced that barrel camp again. Barrel racing is when you gallop your horse and make quick tight turns around 3 barrels. Most of the girls who were participating in the show are experienced riders and own their horses. They also get to ride every day while I only get to ride like two times a month so I'm always at a disadvantage.

 Shannon always divides  participants into 2 sepearte groups; the fast group and the slow group based off of their pole/barrel times. Then she picks names from a hat and randomly pairs us with somebody. I was paired with a small girl who was probably in 8th grade. She was the fast one. When it was my turn to do the pole pattern (weaving through poles) I accidentally went off pattern and disqualified myself and my partner. It was so embaressing because everyone saw me screw up. It was a shame because I destroyed our chances of even placing. 

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  1. Brave story meg, it took courage for you to come out and say that. great post.