Friday, October 24, 2014


I still can not believe that they wouldn’t know that I would do this. Sure my parents did just go to a concert till 11:45 but I saw it as an opportunity.

“Bye” I yelled at the door letting them know I was leaving. Heading to my friends house a block away, as I get there I send a text and get one right back letting me know to walk through the back door. Hanging out, we both realize that there are no plans for tonight, no parties, no games, nothing. Then I think to myself, didn’t my parents say earlier this month that they are going to go see the cure on this date. I mention it to my friend and we are already thinking the same thing. I pick up my phone and researched the concert, what day, what time, where, making sure if I had a party that it would be safe to do so.

I don't know why I thought that to be a good Idea, it was a tuesday night. The way I saw it was that I could control everyone at my house and clean up before they got home. It did get out of control, how could I think to tell one of my best friends that has the loudest mouth.

I looked everything up and made my decision. I turned to my friend and said “Make the call”. He then spread the word as I text some close friends. As I sent my third text, I got a called already about if he and some people can “slide over to the crib”. I felt like a tuesday night not many people could go out, I was wrong about that too. I explained “Let everyone come”.

I left my friends house to run a few arrens, I received a few text saying that they were at my house already. “Y’all can go in right now but wait for me before you go downstairs.” I picked a few girls but including one senior. We pulled up to my house and parked, we all rushed in to see close to 30 in my kitchen. My brother was at the door with a look of disgust. “I just text you asking if mom and dad were gone.” He explained. Thankfully I got to it first, if I didn’t throw a party it was going to be my brother. Mom and Dad always pull the not telling us that they are going to be out all night because of this.

All my friends were there and it was a good time. Until there were some kids from other grades arriving without telling me, it got messy. At 11:30 everyone was out, I made two of my good friends stay and clean up with me. It was hectic but we eventually got it done before my parents came home. I walked my friend home and it started storming. Thanking god for my brother popularity, one of his friends saw me and wanted to drive us home. Pulling up to my house I see my parents through the window, they didn’t look happy. I walk in expecting them to know. They did, my dad confronted my saying I know that you had a party. I admit and he explains all the things that are wrong. We missed many things cleaning up, my dad said neighbors called them asking what was going on. My dad grounded me and made me feel ashamed, this will never happen again.

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