Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Raising the Minimum Wage

I am generally amenable to raising the minimum wage, my family doesn't have much money, and for a while, my sixty year old dad was working for the minimum wage. None of them make much more than ten or eleven dollars an hour and when you're taking care of yourselves and your grown up kids, one of which is pregnant, that is NOT enough money. However, being a working teenager, I have a different agenda. I have a horrible feeling that if the minimum wage is risen, the library will decide that I'm not worth keeping on, fire me, and try to subsist on volunteers. This will have two very negative effects: one the library will never manage to keep up with shelving, despite their best efforts, and I will have no money. I need money. We often buy groceries with my money. I even but my own school supplies. I'm in a pretty bad place if I lose my job. If my pay increases, I'm in a really good spot.
Thusly, I'm torn about the possible increase in minimum wage.  What say readers?


  1. Minimum wage is an extremely difficult issue. Another thing minimum wage affects is price. If minimum wage were to increase, consumers would have to pay more for all of the products that are produced wholly or partially by minimum wage-workers. For example, if McDonalds had to pay its employees more, its food would be a lot more expensive.

  2. First of all, I APPLAUD you!! You are such a hard worker and you deserve so much. Stay strong! We all know that if minimum wage increases, goods and services are likely to increase in price as well, which sucks. In an ideal society, food, water and shelter would be given for free by the government - because to deny people these things because of where they are in life suggests that they don't deserve these basic necessities. I aspire to be as self sustainable in life as I can with doing as little harm to the Earth as possible and with giving as little money to corrupt companies as possible. I suggest you start a garden and grow as much of your own food as possible next summer if you don't already.
    Sorry I got away from the point of your article - I think a minimum wage increase would be a good idea, but it would not be a good idea if the ratio of minimum wage:price of goods just adjusted along with it.