Friday, October 24, 2014

Passenger Story

As I stand on thaw sideline during football practice, I remember how my coach always preaches focus on the sideline I stand quietly trying to ignore the 15 people who are goofing off. “You weak boi”, I hear someone say behind me, which always leads to trouble. The trash talking gets louder and louder n=but there is simply no solution to the problem. No matter who tells them to shut up, no one listens. Not even to a coach or a captain. 9i turn around as laughing suddenly breaks out. Most of them are in a huddle, backs turned to the field. It is clear that they don’t care one bit about the team and think that practice is just a time to mess around. Finally someone yells, “Shut Up!” There is a pause for a few seconds but the only thing that is going through their mind is if they have to listen to the person. When they decided that they don’t, they smirk at the player and continue with their business.

I start to think that maybe it would be fun to join them. They look like they are having a great tie, laughing and joking with ach other. Maybe I should just join them and no body will notice. I could seamlessly slip into their circle and enjoy the time on the sideline. Then I realize that fun is doing something right, and I know that losing my focus is not the right thing to do. 8 realize that those people are the people that do nit contribute to the team and to be in a group with them would be disrespecting me and my team. Those guys are a lost cause. Nobody can get through to them so to even try to get them to regain focus would just be a waste of my time. They say once somebody stops yelling, they don’t care anymore and for the group messing around on the sideline, they might as well not be there at all.

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