Monday, October 27, 2014

Shame Memory

You know how when you are little, the littlest things seem to become a bigger deal than they should be? I was in like first grade when me and my mom were shopping at Walgreen's and we were in the checkout line. That's when I saw it. My favorite flavor of gum of all time, Wrigley's Winterfresh Peppermint Gum. It was just sitting there on the shelf and it looked so good. I asked my mom if she could buy it for me. Honestly, why did I even ask. In the years since then, I have learned that if I want to get some candy or something like that then I would have to buy it for myself. My mom thinks it is a waste of money to spend your money on junk food. Unsurprisingly, she said no. Its not like my parents never said no to me when I was a little kid. In fact they were very clear that we would have to work if we wanted money or special privileges. I don't really know how, but before I could think straight, the pack of gum was already in my pocket. Clearly I wasn't the sneakiest first grader because the person in line behind us saw the whole thing unravel. The women told my mom what I had done and she yelled at me right there in front of everyone. I deserved it I guess, but I was still very embarrassed to be yelled at in front of everyone in the store.

When we got home it only got worse. In case I forgot to mention, my dad is a police sergeant in Oak Park. He sounded very angry when he got home from work. It looked like he was having a bad day already and when I had to tell the story to him, his frustration and/or anger seemed to worsen. I'm sure he wouldn't actually arrest me but he scared me pretty badly when he told me that he was thinking about bringing me into the station. I now know that you wouldn't actually be arrested for stealing something that small, especially at that age, but at that time I was genuinely frightened. People always said that because my dad was a police officer that I could get off easy. This experience changed the way that I act because now I know that my dad will treat me the same way that he would to anyone else.


  1. This is a great story. I can not believe how shamed I would be if I was called out in front of all those people. Also since your Dad is a Police Officer it makes it that much crazier.

  2. This is a really good shame story. I like your realization that your dad would not give you a break just because he's a cop. It seems like the complete opposite, and it probably made you who you are today. Good job!