Friday, October 24, 2014

Flip Phones of Remorse

It was a typical winter in oak park with gray slush and numb fingers. Confined in middle school, I was called upon by the principal. I had no idea why i was being brought to his office, but when i saw my two would be accomplices, I realized my crime.

Locked up on a cold night in a poorly insulated basement, the three of us were consumed by a frosty version of boredom. To lessen the effects of the boredom we decided to take part in the age old tradition of the prank call.

It seems the girl we pranked did not take jokes very well and had called the police. The extent to which the school deemed i was to be punished was unclear to me, but i am sure my parents would not be pleased with me frightening a girl half to death. Or maybe they would think this was as ridiculous as I thought it was.

We called the girl, but she did not pick up so we left a message on her answering machine that we all agreed was an excellent practical joke. Looking back, the message does seem somewhat creepy considering we said “Come outside, I want to play” in a voice that resembled that of Harvey Fierstein, but that didn’t make it any less funny nor did I feel any remorse for making the call in the first place

Someone in that room had squeeled, as there was no physical evidence that i was there that night. We did not use my phone, my house, and i did not even make the damn call.

I did it. I am solely responsible for this, Diego wasn’t even there that night. I was shocked to hear these words come from the mouths of one of my friends. And just like that, my friend threw himself under the bus for my sake. I never felt remorse for making the call, I felt remorse for getting away with it.

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  1. Good story. I really could relate to the fear in that situation, and the relief when somebody takes the blame. It's cool that you can share something so personal.