Thursday, October 23, 2014

Passenger Story

Being inside an arena with thousands of other fans was like no other. Since a little kid, I always enjoyed watching sports on Tv, but basketball quickly became my number one choice. In my early years I didn't really pay much attention to the teams and who was who. I guess just the whole idea of playing sports as a career really sparked my interest. The thought of being at a basketball game live was always something I wanted to do, but it never really happened until I reached Junior high.

I had seen plenty of baseball, football, and soccer games, but I never really was taken to a Bulls game. For my 14th birthday my uncle brought me to a game three rows back behind one of the baskets. It felt surreal and almost like I was dreaming. I remember the intense colors of the uniforms and lights, the perfectly waxed floor, and of course my favorite players. While the game progressed, it was definitely more than I expected and I was not gonna take my eye off for a second. While the clock was winding down it almost felt like I was in a movie. The Bulls were down by one and everybody in the stadium was out of their seats. I clearly remember that derrick rose had the ball and with about 10 seconds left drove past the defender. When he reached close to the basket, it looked like he was going to pull up for a jump shot, but he made a quick pass to Taj Gibson who threw down an incredible two handed dunk with only a few seconds remaining.  The dunk was so quick but still stays in my mind like a photograph. That moment was incredible in the sense that it was my first game I had ever seen and that it ended so perfect. On the drive home I felt so content and privileged that I was able to go to a professional basketball game and that experience was really special to me.


  1. I had court seats all last year. I totally agree the experience is surreal.

  2. I remember going to Bulls games with really good seats. It's still enjoyable to sit in the nose bleed section, but it's a completely different world when you are sitting up close to the action. I can remember every bulls game I have ever been to, but the ones with close up seats have definitely been the most memorable in terms of overall experience. I know that attending a professional live sporting event can be a very exciting experience

  3. That sounds like an amazing experience. Seeing the bulls play that close must be awesome.