Thursday, September 29, 2016

Win for Clinton

Monday evening was the first of three highly anticipated presidential debates of this election season. Perhaps one of the most viewed presidential debates in history, all of the time leading up to it had everyone wondering who would ultimately "win" the discussion. I believe that most predicted Hillary would be the winner, and she was indeed.

Regardless of your political stance, it is undeniable that Hillary handled the questions much better and carried herself with much more dignity than Trump did on that Hempstad stage.
Aside from the upperhand she began with by going into Monday night with years and years of experience in politics, Clinton also never lost her cool, kept her composure even when Trump was practically shoting in her ear, never became angry back at Trump for cutting her off or saying something offensive, and overall presented herself much better than her opponent did.

Clinton also won this debate simply for the fact that she answered all of the questions she was asked head on. Trump on the other hand, about half of the time floundered around on stage until he found some sort of half-answer or cop out that could appease Lester and the audience.

Hillary, throughout the night, was able to connect with her audience on a personal level, address and explain why the hesitations that some people may have about voting for her are not worth worrying about, and make the people of America believe that she cares for and will fight for them.

Obviously Hillary came into the debate much more equipped to win, something Trump tried to poke fun at her for, and Trump came in relying solely on whatever he could think to say, as long as he said something. He always needs to say something.


  1. I agree that Hillary was able to use her body language and facial expressions to really communicate with her voters when Trump was being ridiculous. I also agree that she answered all the questions really well. While some people saw her answers as too stiff and impersonal, I thought she used just enough logos and put enough heart behind her answers to make it realized that she was being genuine. I agree that it should be obvious to all Americans, regardless of political view, that Hillary debated better, but the scary thing about many people voting for Trump is that they are blind to his mistakes so it was almost impossible for Hillary to reach win any of them over.

  2. I agree, mainly with your third paragraph that Hillary's direct answers to the questions benefited her in the debate. Trump's rambling sort of made viewer shake their heads and maybe look at Trump a different way.