Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Politician Lost

I think that Donald Trump won the first 2016 Presidential debate. Trump did not get up there and act like a typical politician. He was not fake, unlike Clinton. Trump did not sound like he was reading off a paper when he was talking, it seemed more natural. Also, Trump focused on making his ideas for the country known and he brought up specific ideas to help the middle class and get more money in their pockets. He also brought up the debt. He asked why our debt is so high and why we have very little to show for it. These reason show that Trump presented himself as a stronger candidate.
Clinton had a fake smile, fake reactions and gave the people what they wanted to hear. Examples like how she is going to tax the rich, how trump is a racist, how he won’t show us his tax returns, how he was for the war in Iraq, and how he thinks that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., all prove this point. These are all things that Americans feed on, they want to hear this, Clinton is giving them what they want. Yes, Trump has conflicting views on topics, makes unprofessional decisions when he speaks, and doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut all the time, but Clinton just sounded immature and wanted to point the finger at Trump. Instead of focusing on making her arguments strong by them self, she put more effort into making Trump seem weak on issues that should not be the main focus when discussing the pressing issues in this country and its future. Clinton also brought up her father and husband and their accomplishes instead of focusing on her merits. Trump didn’t bring up the emails until Clinton brought up the tax returns which I think is something to point out. Trump got up there and spoke honestly and truthfully, it didn’t sound scripted and there were no fake smiles, probably because he is not a politician. This is why I think Trump was the stronger candidate in this debate. Politics in America is all about being fake, do I think these two are the best candidates for the job, no. But I do think that being real when it comes to the future of America is better than just trying to win a popularity contest and then have no idea what to do once in office, yes. Politics has become a contest about just giving the people what they want to hear. I think this is because of the politicians that America has created. Trump is not one of those, he is flawed, but not a politician. Lastly, Trump brought up pressing issues in America today like keeping the middle class on their feet, as opposed to less important issues like global warming. He wants to keep the jobs in the U.S., bring back the ones that were lost and do this by giving big and small businesses a chance and not regulating and taxing them out of business, he will cut their taxes from 35% to 15%, this is how I think the country will prosper, honestly. Trump has spent most of his life creating jobs so I see truth in his want for Americans to succeed. Lastly, Trump brings up the topic that is touchy in this country, the debt. Our country is $19 trillion in debt and we still have failing roads, bridges and airports. He is not afraid to say this he believes that this is not acceptable.

Overall Trump was real and focused and determined on telling us his goals to make America great again, this is the candidate that won the first 2016 Presidential Debate. I challenge you to have an open mind when reading this post and think outside the box as I know I did when writing it.

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