Sunday, September 25, 2016

"These Hands" Typed This Blog

The potential presidential candidates were weeded out spectacularly quickly, leaving only two real contenders: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. People have their (strong) opinions on the duo, but it seems that despite it only being a few months since the original dozen or so candidates dropped out, they have been entirely forgotten. If they are remembered, it is because of how Bernie would have given free college to everyone in the universe and that Ted Cruz is almost definitely the Zodiac Killer. What we shouldn't have forgotten, however, is this commercial from Dr. Ben Carson who was one of the many Republican hopefuls in the 2016 election.

The commercial that Ben Carson released in early December or 2015 is 3 things: Powerful, genuine, and simple. "THESE HANDS", written across the palms of every type of American. All ages, all races, all classes, and people of all different backgrounds, people we can relate to. Carson pretty expertly uses pathos in this commercial, making us feel inspired and hopeful for the future of the United States. Carson uses this lasting effect of pathos and lets it naturally transform slightly into ethos. The viewer knows that Carson probably had nothing to do with the past success of the United States, especially in relation to the folks shown in the ad. The viewer also puts together that Carson is implying that, towards the end, he will be the one to lead the process of healing America.

After watching this commercial a few times, I really have nothing but positive things to say about this commercial. It doesn't attack anyone, it doesn't desperately rely on anyone's fallacies to make itself look better, just simply focuses on the positives of this country. Ben Carson may have been a quick dropout in the race, but this set the bar for political ads astoundingly high.


  1. I completely agree with this analysis! The appeal to pathos is the first thing I noticed when watching this ad, and you did a great job of explaining it. Good post!

  2. This is really unique commercial! I agree that it's cool he's not attacking anyone else's campaign but is only using his argument to prove he is the best candidate!! Nice analysis, Evan!!!!!!