Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump's Movement Towards Blindness

The main reason presidential candidate Donald Trump won over the republican vote is that he is all about change. As president he plans to take action, build a wall, and make America a greater and safer place for it's citizens. People who fit his description of a 'citizen' are pleased by his words, feeling that they are so unsafe and Trump will save them. He is an expert in hyping up the crowd through pathos, which is clearly shown through his recent Movement advertisement. Trump blinds his audience with confidence and a sense of progression to hide the reliability of his words.

Throughout the ad, words like 'together', 'success', 'future', and 'freedom' and flashed across the screen. These positive words invoke relief and hope that Trump will create a better America. He also uses the overwhelming hate his supporters have for Hillary Clinton to his advantage. In the ad, an old video of the Clintons is shown and in the background a voice is heard saying "Leave the past behind". Donald Trump is a new face, has new ideas for the 'All American Citizens' of our country, and his tone displays this to his audience. The Movement ad is meant to show how Trump's progressive and confident tone is what America needs. By keeping his promises and helping those who follow him, he will make America great again through change. Those who don't support Trump, however, will not be affected by his pathos and will fact-check his actual promises. They will see how he does not treat women with respect, though in his ad women are seen smiling for him and shaking his hand. They will see how he is an oblivious racist, though he is seen with people of different ethnicity. It is admirable that his team decided to include these images to further blind his supporters, but not all will be fooled. 

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  1. I think it is really ironic how the point of this ad is to show how progressive and change forward Donald Trump is, when his whole slogan is "Make America Great Again" which kind implies to almost go backwards.