Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Debate of the Century

The most anticipated televised debate ever, between Hillary Clinton, with many years of political experience, and Donald Trump, who considers himself an "outsider." Whether that is good or bad is purely left to opinion. However, the outcome of the debate, decided on by both Democrats and Republicans, is Hillary Clinton.
Debates are not just won on your opinion on the candidates policy alone, the actual performance of the candidates also matters. During the speech, Hillary Clinton had a far better composure, and was able to to stay calm and relaxed throughout the speech, whilst Trump was beginning to lose his temperament early on. Clinton also was much more relaxed, waiting for Trump to finish his argument before countering him, whilst Trump would interject far before Clinton had finished her point. Trump, throughout the speech looked far more concerned then Clinton, who was able to smile and connect with the crowd throughout the debate.
Another reason Clinton was the clear winner was her ability to, at multiple points, have zingers that Trump was unable to recover from. Trump at many times denied claims made by Clinton about him, that were in fact, true.
Throughout the debate, it was obvious that Clinton had the edge on Trump, and people who voted on the winner proved that.


  1. I think that over all, how well they were able to handle the questions, keep their composure, and appeal to their audience really determined the winner. I agree with you. Good post.

  2. I agree with you in that the winner was mainly chosen on their composure during the debate. Also your argument was really clear throughout the post. Good Job.

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