Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"I did not. I did not. I do not say that"

I did not. I did not. I do not say that.” This striking line spoken by candidate Donald Trump during the debate last night was one of the his most frequent “arguments”.  Now during debates, most candidates mainly speak of their influential policies, unique fixes, and problems that bother them in America, but Trump is the exception. Hillary Clinton is the obvious winner of the debate due to her outstanding clarity in diction and syntax, her well thought plan on fixing tax cuts and improving the middle class, and her overall composure and eloquence throughout the night.

Throughout the debate, despite Trump’s constant interjections and rude interruptions, Hillary remained calm and collected. She spoke with the rights words and got her point across. Hillary was also not afraid to call out Trump’s previous controversial claims and ideas, which were of course denied by Trump himself. When speaking about climate change, Hillary reminded everyone how Trump has said he believed that Global Warming is “ is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.” Trump fervently responds with denial but refused to support himself further.

Although Trump was blunt and did manage to land a few blows at Hillary, he lacked substance and continuity during his speeches. His arguments tended to be off topic and all over the place. When speaking to Hillary about taxes he quickly jumps to ISIS and taunts Hillary about her website. This is just another clear example of Trump being unprepared and inexperienced.  

Trump spent too much time ranting about insignificant matters because he had nothing fresh or intelligent to say. Trump also struggled with luring in newer undecided voters throughout the debate. He stuck to the same old worn out ideas he has had since the beginning of his reign. He continues to focus only on the wealthy, and tends not to appeal to middle and lower class voters. When Trump is addressing the problem of unemployment he exclaims,  “...the wealthy are going create tremendous jobs. They're going to expand their companies. They're going to do a tremendous job.” By focusing only on the wealthy, Trump is reinforcing the same arguments he has made for who knows how long. By not branching out and bringing new ideas to the table he fails to gain the crucial voters he needs in order to push him to where he needs to be.

It is obvious to most the clear winner of this debate. Trump lack of inexperience, substance, and overall rudeness is what caused Hillary to gain the upper hand. It will be a very interesting ride watching these two go head to head again in the future. Trump has definitely learned many knowledgeable lessons from this past debate.

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  1. I agree that Trump's lack of preparation costed him the debate. He used the phrase "I did not" so often but was not supporting this claim enough to persuade the audience of his innocence. You did a good job at explaining what Trump did wrong!!!