Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moving Forward

In the 2016 presidential election campaign, Hillary Clinton has gained many followers by giving many thought provoking speeches and promising to make many noticeable changes in the American government system. However distinct her efforts in the past few months have been, the strength of her visual logos have not gotten the distinguishable attention they demand. By using this logo with versatility, Hillary is arguing that if she is elected president, she will work to better the conditions of every citizen rather than focusing her efforts towards one specific group of people.

Hillary receives a large amount of her voters by arguing that she is the candidate who is running for the people, and that if she is president she intends on increasing benefits for the entire nation, not just a single group. In Hillary’s most profound logo, an arrow is used to cross the “H”, indicating that her plans will take America forward, and therefore create a better nation because of it. By using this symbol, Clinton is establishing exigence, because it allows the audience to recognize that she intends on taking steps forward to improve the nation in her term.

Because this logo is so adaptable, Clinton also uses the background image to her advantage. The whole image shows 8 different logos, each representing a different aspect in which Clinton aims to refine, such as improving rights for children, improving rights for the LGBT community, improving the lives of city dwellers, etc. By inserting each image into her logo, she is using ethos and pathos. The argument establishes ethos because Clinton is publicizing that she wants to help minority groups in the nation who often get overlooked, therefore establishing fit character for a president. The argument also establishes pathos because it appeals to these minority groups, as they believe their president will finally give them an opportunity for their voices to be heard. Hillary uses her logo to institute her belief of the importance of establishing equal recognition for all citizens within the nation.

In conclusion, Hillary’s campaign has been acknowledged for her efforts whether it be giving noticeable speeches, making sound promises, or creating advanced visuals. In this specific example, Hillary is able to convey her argument through her log for the importance of an equal voice throughout the nation. If Clinton is elected president, she will make sure the opinion of every minority group is heard and worked for.

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  1. I really like that you made your argument not about the logo itself, but about it's versatility and applicability to various issues. It really reflects Hillary's approach for the campaign. Nice!