Thursday, September 29, 2016

What A Show: Donald vs Hillary

The first presidential debate for the 2016 election was quite the spectacle. Expected to be one of the most viewed television broadcasts of all time, it surely put up with an astounding 71.5 million watchers live according to the New York Times.

Throughout the debate, both candidates went back and forth arguing as well as throwing some jokes in here and there which I can respect, but that doesn't make a better debate. The debate was riddled with interjections from the audience, insults between candidates, and a lack the presidential feel you may expect from a debate (but you might have expected it here). From my perspective however, the debate had a clear winner. Hillary won the first presidential debate.

The day after the debate, my history teacher Mr. Martin put it perfectly; Both candidates had something to prove, and Hillary was the only one to accomplish her goals. In the election you expected Trump to be himself, loud, insensitive, and prideful. While he didn't insult anyone too much, he still displayed the big thing everyone had a problem with. He still didn't fit the mold as presidential. Hillary was expected to preach the same things she always had and be a new robotic Obama clone. She however came to the debate calm and stern, while also keeping the mood lighter to not stick out as mechanical debating machine compared to the arrogant joker next to her. She also kept a professional attitude and only insulted or interrupted Trump a few times, which can't be said about Trump's performance. Trump did excellently for the first ten minutes or so of the debate, but soon cracked and devolved into his normal persona. Hillary kept her presidential attitude on throughout the whole display, earning her the victory for the first debate.

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