Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stand for Reality

In this ad, Hillary Clinton uses different rhetoric strategies to increase her public image while showing what her environmental goals and views are if she were in the office. The ad starts by showing a series of young children looking happy and playing. While this is happening, she explains that future generations might look back and ask what we were doing. By doing this, she uses pathos to show what we might lose if we don't take global warming seriously. This added with calm slow music makes the viewer see these first couple seconds as happy time, without any serious threat, and makes the viewer feel that they do not want these good time to go away. After this, she continues, "its hard to believe that their are people running for president that refuse to accept the set science of climate change". By saying this, she not only make her opponent seem like the bad guy and stupid, but makes it seem like she know her stuff when it comes to climate change. Directly afterwards, she shows a series of ruined buildings and burned down forests. Pairing this right after what she said before encourages the fact that her opponents will lead america to that. This uses both pathos and ethos to damage Trumps image while making the viewer feel bad and feel the need to fix climate change. Fallowing this up, she states all the good we (making the viewer feel as if he or she is part of this movement ) have done by using renewable energy. She can now states her two goals while the viewer is in the positive mindset. She ends the video by committing on how great Amerce is, and how good Americans are at changing things. This gives the viewer a sense of patriotism, while encouraging everything she had stated about her goals and views on this matter.

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  1. After reading your analysis I also agree that this ad is effective on multiple levels and perspectives. I think Hillary wants to widen the scope of the ad by including pathos and ethos appeals to her campaign. Like you said, the ad works to chip away at Trump. Dismantling Trump's image will take away some of his supporters.