Monday, September 26, 2016

Are you ready?

                                   Image result for hillary ready                                                                   
        This "Ready" ad is for Hillary Clinton 2016, this picture relates to many things from previous campaign's and things personal to Hillary. The first thing this reminds me of is the first Obama campaign "Hope", if you look at these two pictures they are very similar. They both are a close up image of the person running with empowering words underneath. The big difference is that Hillary is smiling at looking at the camera which looks much more soft compared to Obama's intense stare away from the camera. I think the reason people liked this photo so much when Obama did it is because it was different but now it just seems a little repeated. Also the difference between "Hope" and "Ready". Hope makes me think of how the future is gonna be better for America and brings everyone feel together as a whole, while "Ready" seems more just related to Hillary as in, are you ready for Hillary, not is Hillary ready for America. I also can;t help but notice this photo makes her look much younger, which seems to be a theme with her. On the cover of her website there is a picture of her in a coffee shop surrounded by people looking older than her. In class we talked about how the only reason the picture would be like that is to make her look younger. Also whenever Trump or someone else is trying to make her look bad, they use pictures where she looks very run down and older. Here though she looks youthful and happy, probably to appeal to the younger voters. Over all I think this picture would have been a much better if it hadn't been done before, and if the word underneath was changed to something else.


  1. Her visual age difference is something I hadn't noticed before, some people do say they prefer a younger candidate.

  2. I think that because the idea is also repeated it makes Hillary seem older than before