Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Love trumps hate"

"Love Trumps Hate" Tee

Although much of the merchandise on Hillary Clinton's website is positively portraying Hillary without attacking Donald Trump, this shirt that says, "love trumps hate," has a double meaning. The word "trump" means "to overpower," so the literal meaning of the expression is that "love is stronger than hate," which is a message Hillary clearly stands by. However, Hillary's argument about everyone being kind to each other is not the only meaning of the t-shirt. The quote on the shirt is also a play on words, since the Republican presidential candidate is Donald Trump, who is known for making some very hateful comments towards minorities. The pun is effective because it's not only using pathos and ethos to say that Hillary supports love over hate, but it's also effective by using ethos to remind people of Trump's (bad) character. The shirt promotes Hillary for president while sublty referencing Trump's hateful statements.


  1. The point of the shirt is clearly made and you explained it quite well, while adding a little bit of a personal touch on the analysis.

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  3. I enjoy the clever play on words that this shirt uses. It is also very interesting how Hillary is implying that she is “love”. She is also saying that Trump is the equivalent of hate. By creating these two opposing forces she is successfully using pathos as a motivator to support her.

    1. Sounds like a load now, doesn't it?

  4. This shirt clearly states its point and is a very clever play on words. I love it!

  5. Ironically the statement is now more on the Trump side as after the election all we have seen is hate from Clinton supporters. So love TRUMPS hate. The supporters have definitely proved that she was full of sh##.