Sunday, September 25, 2016

Guns or Glory?

Hillary Clinton has shown that she is against the idea of the right to bear arms, our Second amendment, and that strict guidelines should be laid out to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. And with such a strong opinion comes strong political ads that want to counter that argument.

One such commercial produced by the NRA represents this perfectly. In this ad, named “Don't Let Hillary Clinton Leave You Defenseless”, portrays a break in. Intense music plays in the background, and the women flies out of bed, calls 911, and opens her safe containing a handgun. But just as she is about to reach for the gun, it disappears, leaving her defenseless.

So why does this add give us this feeling in our stomach that is indescribable? The almost nauseating feeling?

It all comes down to the effect of pathos; or the ability to evoke fear or sadness. When the ad begins and the intense music plays, it immediately strikes fear into us, without knowing what it's about. And then the sound of broken glass, and heavy footsteps penetrate us with an almost horror movie type feel. As she unlocks the safe, there is a scene of relief, a feeling of safety. All of that changes though, as Hillary herself, steals the gun, as if she is the intruder. This is one of our worst fears: Being left defenseless. And this is what the ad is saying : “You vote for Hillary, you are defenseless in a world of bad people”.

There is a legitimate reasoning for Hillary's hate of hand guns.  In the United States, people do not have to pass a back ground check before obtain a firearm.  So people with a criminal record and people with a history of serious mental diseases can easily obtain a gun.  Along with this stat, 50% of people who have committed suicide have used a hand gun, so they hurt just as much as they help.  These points all point to having stricter rules for guns, or just the straight out ban of guns all together.

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  1. The debate over the right to bear arms is really interesting and you make two good points from both sides! I agree that this ad made it seem like we should be able to defend ourselves with a handgun if necessary