Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Super single, Super young, Super dad

Private practice is a TV show that went off of the air in 2013. At the time it was apart of a bigger trend to have TV shows about doctors struggle with their life and their jobs. It is relevant because unlike many TV shows during that time, it shows the truth about what many people actually go through in america. Even though Private practice does not follow american ideologies, it works hard to break these ideologies and cliches to be true. This TV show does not sugar coat life and shows the viewers the hard truths about what's going in america. The writers show this by using the character dell.

In Private Practice it breaks many ideologies such as the common thought that a young, male single parent can not do as good as a job as a two parent home or an older female single parent. They break this ideology by introducing the character dell who is a young single parent who is raising his young daughter Betsy. He does this by taking her away from her drug addict mother. When her mom died and Betsy has trouble adjusting without her mom he takes days off of work to help her. At the end when dell is on his deathbed he even thinks about Betsy and says how everything will be OK. This shows that even though dell struggles with becoming a midwife and going through medical school, he still had time for his daughter. Therefore, he is a good young single parent who treats his daughter well.

In many different works of culture you see the same theme occurring with single dads and young parents. Like the TV show Two and a Half Men Alan is a single dad who takes care of Jake. It shows him as an inadequate father who lets him do whatever he wants and leaves his mom with the tough decisions. This theme also occurs in the TV show 16 and pregnant where they show younger parents who is not ready for children. They fill the stereotype by showing young parents panicking, be unprepared for children, and making bad parenting choices.

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  1. Strong argument executed well and written eloquently. Aside from a few grammatical errors, I consider this analysis very well constructed and presented.