Monday, September 26, 2016

"Mirrors" Hillary Clinton

This ad from Hillary Clinton supports her argument that Donald Trump is sexist by using actual quotes he said. This helps to show Clinton as a compassionate and understanding individual that parents would want as a role model for their daughters. This ad also tears down Trumps reputation and exposes his sexist views.

This aids Hillary’s argument that Donald Trump is a bad role model by appealing to the viewers emotions. It uses pathos by appealing to the emotions of American parents. It uses lighting, music and emotions of the actresses to convey how impressionable they are. This ad shows young, teenaged girls looking at themselves in the mirror with mostly concerned looks on their faces. The way in which the ad is filmed demonstrates how Donald Trump’s sexist views affect their self-confidence. The emotions that the girls in the ad are expressing look as though they are responding to what Trump is saying. This ad is helpful to Hillary because it appeals strongly to the audience of American parents and makes it so they will be more inclined to vote for her.

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  1. This is really east to relate to and also it's ridiculous that he can get away with saying things like that, it's good Hillary is spreading awareness about his horrible attitude towards women.