Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Party of the century

This movie came out about four years ago in 2012, and tells an epic tale about three friends who aren’t the most popular but throw the party of the century. Project X shows the classic story of kids throwing a party when the parents go out of town and things get a little out of control. Parties for a teen are their chance to have a taste of freedom and for these three that includes under ages drinking, narcotics, and sexual activity without any repercussions. Although this party is unrealistic and is one of a kind the ideas that it promotes are definitely true so therefore it makes the piece of culture true. Experiences like these are what makes a teen a teen and allow them to prepare for adulthood because without these times they will search for them when their time has passed.

In this chase for popularity there are no restrictions on what can or will happen and that’s good for everyone but the host. Often for the host the good times tend to end early because all you can think about is the mess that you will be left with and this is where peer pressure comes in as the movie shows. In Project X the main character and host of the party begins to stress because the party begins to get out of hand and his friends notices that. So what does he do, he sweet talks his friend into drinking and taking ecstasy to loosen him up. When he is pressured to become intoxicated he feeds into, which happens to so many teens today. Sometimes for teens when things aren’t going right in their life being pressured into drugs causes them to think that the drugs will make everything better. Not only does this movie show a true story of peer pressure but it also shows regret, once the host is pressured into intoxications he has a moment that he may regret. He became a little bit too loose when he mixes alcohol with ecstasy, he messes up his chances with the better girl he has known for a while for a one night stand that didn’t even happen. In my opinion this is true because once you become that intoxicated you can’t think straight and your judgement becomes off.

This movie is a true piece of american culture because the ideas it promotes happens all too often in the life of a teen. Early I said that these experiences are necessary to mold an adult out of a teen and I truly believe that because if they don’t have them then they will never learn from them. Without them they won’t truly know the meaning of what it means to be an adult and learn how to handle certain situations. In my life I have been in similar situations and I know how I react versus others some give in to pressure and some don’t.


  1. While this movie was wild and crazy I agree with the truth to it. At many times the life of a teenager seems out of control and chaotic. I think this is indeed a true story as I can too relate to those feelings of a roller-coaster experience in highschool.

  2. I agree that while this party was crazy and had a lot of unusual events in it that it was true. A lot of teenagers experience going to parties and are able to relate to the film in a way because they have lived it. The one part where i thought it got a little excessive was when the man started blowing up cars with his flame thrower.