Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump is Taking Back Our Country?

Trump includes a substantial amount of rhetoric in various ways in every campaign ad. In this ad especially Trump uses ethos and logos to promote his image as well as spread his message to the audience and readers.

Trump spreads a sense of nationalism and support in this campaign by the use of the American colors such as the red and white stripes of the flag, as well as the blue tie and wording. Another American symbol he portrays is the eagle logo. An eagle is an american symbol of freedom and power. By having the eagle in his campaign he is insinuating that he is also a man of free will and that he supports the American ideals. By supporting America, Trump is boosting his own ego as well as making people feel safe and comfortable that they are being supported and carried by a strong leader.
Trump also appeals to his ego by having a stoic and serious picture of him in the ad. He looks as if he is in deep thought and about to make a decision. This also reassures the audience because it paints Trump as a man who cares deeply about his choices and does not take anything lightly. Most Americans want a leader who would care enough and take their job very seriously. The words that are displayed “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY” is explaining that our country is in a bad place at the moment. Trump also is saying that he will make the country the way it should be, as it was in the past. This appeals to many white and powerful people who, in the past were once people of great power and the top people in our country.

Trump is also saying that our country is being held by an outside force. Whether that outside force is terrorists, minorities, homeless, or immigrants,  Trump will make sure they no longer have a hold on our country. In summary, Trump appeals to emotional and logical senses to get his message across.

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