Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Shows His True Character

Clinton's ad "Grace" features the parents of Grace, a disabled child, and a clip of Donald Trump mocking a reporter with a disability. 

This ad very effectively uses ethos to attack Trump's character, because it literally shows a clip of him giving a speech, and there's no denying that he did what he did. The ad works hard to show you that these parents are real people, the reporter Trump mocked is a real person, and that what Trump did was real, and this quality makes the ad really effective.

Grace's parents talk about Grace's experiences being disabled, and how it really hit them hard when they saw Trump mocking a disabled man. The parents say that that moment showed them Trump's true character and they "didn't like what they saw." 

Pathos appeal is used many times in this ad. You sympathize with Grace, her parents and their story, and with the disabled reporter, whose picture is also shown in the ad. The ad also makes you angry at Trump, and sides with the parents.


  1. I agree that this ad makes a strong argument by showing the girl and the parents and how they use pathos, and also by showing the actual clip of Donald Trump mocking the reporter and showing his true character.

  2. I agree that the specific clip of Trump mocking the girl is a great example of pathos. The ad clearly shows the audience a part of Trump's (bad) character

  3. This ad most definitely shows Trumps bad character. He mocked that man for no reason and quite frankly was being just an a*s