Thursday, September 29, 2016

The games begin: Trump vs. Clinton

In the most recent political debate, we saw a true reflection of both of the candidates. On one side, we have a babbling idiot that claims his opponent is always wrong, and on the other side, we have a woman that is untrustworthy, and questionable for the job. So who won more voters in this one debate?
One thing that I must clear up, is that when looking at debates, we have to look at it from a level playing field. No one had any sort of expectations for Donald Trump going into this debate, so if he did anything good, we would be surprised by this. Now, Hillary going into this debate had very high expectations, and the only way for her to go, is down. So for the sake of this blog, we will look as if both of the candidates were at an equal level: Both could gain supporters, but at the same time, could lose supporters.

Donald showed us that he has no business in being president. He was unprepared, sloppy, and overall rude the whole time. His facial expressions showed how childish he is. The way that he interrupted also showed this point. If Trump had people on the verge of losing supporters to Hillary, he would have lost a large majority of them.

Hillary on the other hand, was prepared, and was calm and collected during the whole thing. Hillary showed that she was better suited for the job than trump was. On the other hand, she did not have much of a voice in the debate, which shows to me that she might not have the backbone to do the job. But of the two that debated, Hillary was the clear winner.

One thing that I would also like to see in these debates, is more people. There are other candidates that have a large portion of voters, that some people do not know about. It would be interesting if they had three of maybe four people on the stage at one time to show other people in the race as well!

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