Sunday, September 25, 2016

Exposing Hillary

This brief yet worrying ad exposes Hillary Clinton for her secrecy. The commercial begins with multiple clips of Clinton denying that any classified material was ever sent or received by her, followed by a quotation from The New York Times, revealing that Hillary had in fact been lying. The quote was released in the newspaper on September 7, 2015, saying that “... the emails contained highly classified information…”.

The commercial very heavily relies on both ethos and logos. It finds faults with both her credibility and trustworthiness and raises many suspicions as to what Hillary would really be like as America’s leader. These suspicions appeal massively to negative ethos and likely cost many people’s trust. It also appeals to negative logos based on the fact that by the end of the ad, the viewer is desperately wanting to know just what exactly happened with the emails and which source was true.  

1 comment:

  1. Not only with the accusations as you mentioned but the tattered screen and black void of a background help contribute to the worrying attitude of the ad. I personally haven't been following the election as much as a probably should, but with or without, the subject of this ad is indeed scary.