Friday, September 30, 2016

Did Hillary Really Win?

On Monday night tens of millions of people sat out their TVs to watch the debate of the century. We watched one completely unprepared Donald make a fool of himself by spewing several false facts and Hillary sink slowly down to her opponent's level. According to polls afterwards, Hillary had come out on top. But did she actually win over any supporters?

Coming into the debate I was completely prepared for Donald Trump to, again, make a fool of himself. Because of this, I was not at all surprised when he demonstrated that he was completely unprepared and struggled to keep his facts straight. I did not however have as low of expectations for Hillary Clinton so when she showed disrespect for Trump by laughing at what he was saying, I was surprised.

The large majority of Trump supporters will be very hard to change their minds in my opinion. I think that Clinton may have compromised her goal of winning over supporters by laughing at her opponent. Clinton seemed immature and most likely offended many of Trump’s supporters. Immaturity has always been expected from Trump but certainly not Hillary. For this reason she may have turned off some undecided voters from her. All in all, it is clear that Hillary won the debate because of her actual plans to transform America but did she win any new supporters?


  1. I 100% agree, Hillary's preparedness made a big difference in the way she performed.

  2. I agree, because Hillary was prepared it made her appear better which made her laughing at Trump seem not as bad.