Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Donald Doesn't Have The Stamina

The presidential debate last Monday was an embarrassment to Americans everywhere. Hillary Clinton clearly won the debate. She won because she answered questions in a clear and conscience manner, she kept her composure, and she gave solutions to problems, however ill-founded they may be.

Hillary Clinton answered her questions with real answers that were obviously thought out in advance, while her opposition went to the debate unprepared. Nearly every one of her answers was real and not created to get her out of her of tough situations. While not every she said was correct, she at least knew what she was doing up there, not just making a fuss.

Hillary Clinton managed to keep her composure while she was debating. She simply smiled when Donald Trump bombarded her with insults. Donald Trump on the other hand lost his composure and interrupted both the moderator and Hillary Clinton, he constantly talked over both of them and was out of line seemingly every time someone spoke. While composure doesn't affect the validity of each of their policies, it does affect who the viewer thinks won the debate, and Donald Trump made a fool of himself, leading the viewer to believe he lost.

Hillary Clinton gave solutions to her problems. Donald Trump on the other hand laid out almost no solutions to any of the problems that he was asked about. He dodged questions all night. He answered why he kept asking for Obama's birth certificate after he released it, by saying he did a great job at getting it. Not answering the actually question. Hillary gave real solutions like green job creation, and tax reform, Trump just attacked her personally and professionally instead of creating a dialogue on political solutions.

In the end Hillary Clinton destroyed Donald Trump from almost every angle. She was far more prepared, answered questions clearly, she could keep her temper in check and gave solutions. Donald Trump was just under prepared for the debate. He might have stood a chance if he just practiced.


  1. I definitely agree with you, but the point you made about how composed she was because she smiled while being insulted - don't you think people are going to attack her for just that, because she was being 'smug' or 'disrespectful' (as if Trump wasn't)?

  2. I agree with Alex. Her smug smiles throughout the debate made her seem cocky, almost as if she knew she had the election in the bag. Other than that, I agree with the rest of your post. Nice work.