Sunday, September 25, 2016


Hillary Clinton's Janelle
Hillary Clinton has been historically been known for her robotic personality. This ad seeks to change peoples view on this. This ad uses exclusively pathos and ethos to communicate to the voters that she is the best candidate for president. At the beginning of the ad, the interviewer asks if Janelle, a Hillary supporter and interviewee, if she is wealthy or powerful. She is seen living in a middle class average home to make seem more like an average person. She laughs and says she is neither. Her reaction to this question is important because her reaction portrays to the viewer that she is a regular person just like all the viewers. Just after this she says she beat breast cancer and tells about her struggles with it . This is an example of pathos being used to connect with the viewer. Janelle talks about her very sad experience with cancer which connects with viewers very well because of how sad cancer is and how many people have prior experience with it.  She creates a poster that says "Thirteenth chemo yesterday. Three more. Here me roar!" This is a very vivid and emotional poster, that strikes a chord with many viewers. Bill Clinton came over to talk to them after seeing their sign, the video showed a clip of Hillary Clinton giving her a big hug. This clip is an example of ethos and pathos being used. The image of Hillary Clinton giving a cancer survivor a hug is not only emotion evoking but it also portrays Hillary Clinton as a good, caring person. Janelle then said that Hillary Clinton spent "all the time in the world" with her. This makes Hillary seem like a really good person who spends her precious time with those less fortunate than her. Then a clip of Hillary talking to Janelle's children is played. This clip is an example of pathos, she is seen talking with sweet innocent children who seem to like her. Janelle then explains how Hillary comes in and checks in on her periodically. This is ethos because she does this to seem like great person for caring for this lady. 


  1. I like how this is trying to show a different not robotic side of Hillary , and I like your approach with pathos and ethos.

  2. Her ethos is very clear here, as you described.

  3. Her ethos is very clear here, as you described.