Sunday, November 6, 2016

American Politics are Hitting Rock Bottom

In the 2016 Presidential race, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have showed the American People first hand, the state of American Politics.  American Politics are broken because politicians continue to care about themselves rather than thinking about the country .

 American Politics are not as democratic as they should be in our government.  Affluent special interests play a much bigger role in our government then they should be.  For example, in this Presidential race Trump and Clinton are doing whatever is necessary to win.  They continue to take shots at each other and say things about their opponents that should never be mentioned in an election.  In our society, all politicians care about is winning and they will do whatever is necessary to succeed.  Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to bring up their opponents scandals whether it be Clintons email scandals or Trumps various scandals involving women to help benefit their position in the race.  They do not care what they have to do to win because at the end of the day the political power that the White House holds is all they want. The power of being President matters much more to them than the well being of the country.  The power and greed of the few too often win out over the needs of the many.  It seems as if politicians now a days do what benefits them rather than what benefits the society.  Our two candidates do not care about who they have affected or what they have done to become President because if they win they will control all the power in American Politics.  American politics have become a place where strictly winning is the end goal and they will do anything to win.  They do not care if they have to change their views or ruin friendships.

 To change our political system for the better we need to find politicians who represent the American people rather than politicians who only care about bettering their position.  We do not need politicians who care strictly about winning, but ones who care about making our country better and getting it to the place we want it to be.


  1. I agree with you that politics has taken a downward spiral in the way that campaigns are conducted in this past election; but some of the examples you mention don't quite work for me. Every president has had scandals, the scandals themselves aren't the issue but more the unprofessional way in which they are addressed. You also said something about politicians shouldn't change their views - isn't that what you want though? A politician who is willing to adopt a stance that will serve the largest group of people, and if they realize their views aren't doing that, they change so that they can support a larger population?

  2. I agree that politics have become more about exposing the atrocities of each party's opponent rather than arguing how they, themselves, will help improve America. It is frightening to think that either one of these candidates, who worries more about bashing their opponent than the well being of our great country, will be named our president in under 24 hours.

  3. American Politicians are definitely not the ones that should be running, ironically. The people that should be running are people who put the citizens first and themselves last. However, the scandals are important to bring up when discussing whose hands the future of our country are in.

  4. Exactly, why has the position of president become more important then having the position to help America? Do you think this has something to do with the way the internet and the news influences people in this time?