Monday, November 7, 2016

America: The land of the free and the home of the screwed

  America is a country founded over 300 years ago. In these 300 years our country has risen to the fore front of the world, but as of late our country has been crushed by bad presidents, rising debt, wars we cannot afford, rising unemployment rate.

During the last eight years Obama has been president the unemployment rate and debt has substantially risen. In the year 2008 Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African american president. Instead of leading what should've been a beaker of hope and new era for African american people. He has helped the economy crumble. After Obama's first term the unemployment rate was 7.9%. This means that 7.9% of people in our country did not have a job. In addition to this the american government is under 19 trillion dollars of debt. Since Obama has been president the debt has risen over 9 trillion dollars with no signs of slowing down. About roughly 6 trillion of this money was spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan war. A war that our president promised to end but has not. The Iraq and Afghanistan war has claimed the life of 5,000 soldiers and wounded over 1 million of them. During the presidency Barack Obama has wreaked havoc on the united states of america and ways that even our next president cannot fix.
If the country continues to be run by bad leaders such as Barack Obama, america’s future will be a very dim one. This country needs a stronger leader that can rise to the challenge of fixing Barack Obama's mistakes. A president that will lower the debt, bring more jobs to america and end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


  1. I agree with your stance on the issue of american politics but to make it even better you should give more examples of bad presidents and how they ruined our nation. This would help to better your argument.

  2. I respectfully disagree. If you look at a chart of unemployment in the United States, you see a huge spike in 2008 when the housing market tanked but Obama wasn't even sworn in until January of 2009. Under the Obama administration unemployment rates have dropped dramatically. Also the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were started by Bush, and while Obama ideally could have ended things sooner, he has pulled out the majority of troops. And not to nit pick, but the US is 238 years old, not 300.