Sunday, November 27, 2016

Postmodernism expressed in music

             Postmodern art is often created using bold colors and lots of repetition, the beautiful thing about the art that is created in this period is it is open to interpretation. Thousands or even millions of people can all view the exact same work of art and all see it in a different way depending on the kind of person they are.  The art that continues to be created can be seen through so many different lenses. Any factors that make people different may change the way that people view any work of art, whether it is a song, a painting, or a photograph. People will spend years following and devouring every shred of information about an artist's life to try and find the deepest and seemingly most truthful meaning behind their art.  Ironically though, sometimes people can take the artwork to an entirely new level and create a meaning that resonates with them more so than the artist. For example when Chance the Rapper released his third mix tape, coloring book, people thought it was symbolic of his rise to super stardom.  People theorized that Chance was looking up at all of the people who were seen as more popular than him after the release of his first mix tape, then after his rise in popularity after the release of his second mix tape, he was on the same level of popularity as some of the most well known names in hip hop. Then after the release of his most recent project, he was looking down on his former competition laughing at how much he has risen and is now one of the most popular names in his field. But in all actuality the photos were seemingly chosen at random, as the cover for Acid Rap was simply a photo of Chance and a Fan he seemed to like a lot.  

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