Sunday, November 13, 2016

Where has America Gone?

This presidential election was crucial for how America will move in the next upcoming years. We need someone who truly knows where the county is going and what to do in times of crisis.However, in my opinion I do not believe that the person that was elected is the best candidate for the job. If i'm being completely honest, I am not really that surprised that Trump won on Tuesday. I didn't stay up to watch the whole thing but I knew once he had won Ohio that he won and Florida was soon to follow.

Now I don't support Trump and I do not justify his actions and the comments he's made about different individuals in America. In fact I think it's sickening to think that someone who mocks people with disabilities, degrades women, and who lies about half the things he's done is becoming our next president. To top it all off I never truly got to hear his plans for how and what he would do to lead America in the right direction. Although, that could also be said the same for Hillary considering all the attacking at each other that was going on.

Still though I am no where near surprised at the fact that Trump won the election on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning. It's the way Trump appealed to the specific audience that he was speaking to at the time. He used pathos and ethos to appeal to the Americans that voted for him in a way that really made the public think. I mean think about it some Americans are sick and tired of how things are with our political system. They think it's too old, corrupt, and outdated and they say it's time for an upgrade, but just because it's an upgrade doesn't mean its better. The reason only politicians get elected is because they know how the system works best. Yes I agree that something needs to go in there and shake up and essentially destroy the system but at the same time I do not think that Donald Trump is the right man or woman to do it.

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